A warm and friendly welcome awaits everyone who visits Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel located in tehran, iran.

Welcome to Ferdowsi Hotel

Welcome to Ferdowsi Grand Hotel.

Ferdowsi grand hotel is located at historical and business center of Tehran with 22000 square meters of established and extended space with peaceful and elegant ambience of a real 4 star hotel atmosphere. Renovation and improvement have brought Persian heritage and genuine symbols of tradition,
Combined with the best contemporary and modern in one spectacular place.

As one of the top of the line international grand hotels in Tehran, we always believe memories and experience through the eyes of every guest staying with us are very special for them and Ferdowsi team.
This beautiful and unique place offers all day guest service, Comfortable bedrooms, several cafe and restaurants, conference hall and event space, Gymnasium and many more to welcome our guests with total attractions and unique way that they can feel like home.

Luxury Rooms With Complimantry Minibars