Tajrish Bazaar

The Best place for excursion in Tehran and buying cloths, souvenir, food and… is Tajrish bazar, And old and wonderful place for shop and eating street foods.

The Tajrish bazaar is one of the oldest place in Tehran and located in the north part of Tehran in Shemiran district. Some parts of these place architecturals’ styles are old and traditional.
There is holy place near Tajrish bazar, its Imamzade Salehe a popular local pilgrimage area , plus houses an very good value kebab restaurants and teahouses which you can try  delicious Iranian food and sweet testy dessert.

Tajrish bazar consisting of so many shops, restaurants and many passageways. So many goods  you can  found in this place like Spices, dairy, clothes, fabrics, nuts & dried fruits, traditional cookware, fruits, veggies. It is ideal for ingredients for Iranian cooking, including all kinds of nuts, dates, spices (such as saffron) and tea. You can also pick up a pretty teapot or some other souvenir while you are at it, moreover both modern and traditional shop made beautiful appearance to Tajrish bazar.