Gheytarieh Park

 For spending a good time in Tehran and feeling relax a best place to choice is Gheytarieh Park. So where is Gheytarieh Park locate and what you can do in this park?
Gheytariyeh Park is one of the northern parks of Tehran, which is located in the north of Sadr Highway in Shemiran district. This park was one of the Amir Kabir‘s home a Qajar Dynasty minister.

Gheytarieh Prak is beautiful and clean place with fresh air, beautiful pansy flowers, large marketplace, different types of trees and birds which  you can walk and enjoy  atmosphere of this park, moreover you can looking for more entertainment of this park.  Gheytariyeh Park include Facilities like culture club, art museum, library Chapel, pond, playground, water storage tank and skate field. There is Art museum in this park that Foreign and domestic exhibitions are hold, which aim communication with artists and display of their artifacts.