food suggestion

For spending a good day in Tehran after visiting some of tourist attraction, we have a good suggestion for testing a very famous and delicious Iranian food for lunch which is named Kabab. At the first you need to know what is Kabab and how it make.

Kebab or Kabab Koobideh is made from ground meat seasoned with minced onion, salt and pepper and should be cooked on a metal skewer or “Sikh.
Another kind of Kabab is kebab-e barg, thinly sliced lamb or beef, flavored with lemon juice and onion and basted with saffron and butter. Chicken kebab, known as jooje Kabab, is traditionally made from a whole chicken, bones and all, for more flavor marinated in lemon and onion, and basted with saffron and butter. You can eat Kabab with rice or with bread, and it is better to eat a kind of vegetable that Iranian said it Sabzi khordan.

No Persian meal is complete without a dish of sabzi khordan, or edible herbs. The plate can include mint, tarragon, basil and cilantro, alongside scallions, radishes, walnuts. The best choice for drinking is Dough .Dough is cold yogurt drink. After eating kabab a best suggest for dessert is drinking tea with Nabat( Nabat is Crystal sugar made candy with saffron).