Clothing in Iran

Clothing in Iran

Apart from the traditional men and women´s clothing, there are different styles nowadays.

In general, Iran respects islamic way of wearing clothes, meaning no shorts for men or showing different parts of body for women. It does not mean straight strictly black, totally long or full-cover clothes.

Iranian women love bright and beautiful colors, and they are seen every day all over the country.

Important thing for women is respecting the the headscarf, or the cover called “Hijab”, but it does not specify the form. Technically, the whole hair should be covered, but it is not always the case in practice. Body should stay light- covered, for an example a longer shirt or a popular “Manto” which can be until the knees. Hands and feet can be seen and open, as well as the face, of course.


As we can see in the picture, “Manto” is the most popular piece of clothes for women. It can be worn in many colors or forms, longer or shorter.

In the case of entering religious places or cities, there is a “Chador” to be worn. Chador is an iranian traditional long full cover dress, tossed over women´s head, which can also be in white or black color, but also decorated with flowers. The black “Chador” is the most popular and seen one.

Clothing in iran

As already mentioned, chador is not a must, it can be seen really often, as well as the other forms of hijab or veils called “roo sari”.