Mosques as a part of history, culture and religion

Mosques as a part of history, culture and religion

As the biggest part of iranian history, islam contains beautiful traditions, buildings festival that gather people, spread love and happiness. Traveling through Iran, you can have the opportunity to see amazing old buildings, which tell us the happenings through the centuries and iranian rich history. Mosques are certainly the most beautiful part of them. Not only as a religious houses, but also as a wonder of architecture.

Jameh Mosque of Bastak Bastak  -The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Bastak. Imāmzādeh Ja‘far, Borujerd

Imamzadeh Jafar

Borujerd -Entombs the remains of a grandson of the Shī‘ah Imam, ‘Alī Zaynul ‘Ābidīn Jameh Mosque of Borujerd

mousque of broujerd

Borujerd 9th century- The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Borujerd Imāmzādeh Hāshem

Jameh Mosque of Ferdows

Amol 897-Jameh Mosque of Ferdows

Hamedan Jameh mosque

Hamedān - The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Hamedān. Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Ferdows Jameh Mosque of Hamedān
Ferdows 7th century - The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Ferdows Jameh Mosque of Hamedān

shah mosque isfahan

Isfahan 771 - The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Isfahan Shah Mosque

sheikh loth allah mosque

Isfahan 1611 - Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque

isfahan sheikh lotfollah

Isfahan 1618 -Jamkaran Mosque

jamkaran mosque

Jamkaran (Qom) 984 - A mosque built in the name of the 12th Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Muhammad al-Mahdi Agha Bozorg Mosque

goharshad mosque

Kashan 18th century -Goharshad Mosque


Mashhad 1418 -An ancient mosque found within Imam Ridha Mosque complex Imām Ridhā Mosq´e

masjed jame naeen

Nā'īn 9th century -The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Nā'īn Imāmzādeh Mahruq

Imamzadeh HosseinQazvin 16th century- Entombs the remains of a son of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, ‘Alī al-Ridhā. Ancient Jameh Mosque of Qazvin

Maasoumeh QomQom - Shrine of Fatimah al-Ma‘sūmah, sister of the 8th Twelver Shī‘ah Imām Shāh Abdol Azīm

Imamzadeh SalehRey -A mosque which entombs the remains of 3 individuals: a descendant of Hasan ibn ‘Alī, ‘Alī ibn Husayn, and Mūsā al-Kādhim. Imāmzādeh Sālih

Nasir Al MuilShemiran -A mosque which entombs the remains of Sālih, son of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā al-Kādhim. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

Shah CheraghShiraz 1888 - Shāh Chérāgh

Vakil MosqueShiraz -A mosque containing the remains of two sons of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā al-Kādhim. Vakil Mosque

blue mosqueShiraz - Blue Mosque

imamzadeh hamzehTabriz 14th century-  A mosque which entombs the remains of Hamzah, son of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā al-Kādhim Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

saheb ol amrTabriz - The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Tabriz Saheb ol Amr Mosque

Khomeini mausoleman

Tehran 1989 -Entombs the remains of Ruhollah Khomeini and Ahmad Khomeini

Jameh Mosque of Yazd

jameh mosqueYazd 12th century -The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Yazd Jameh Mosque of Zanjan

shabestan fahrajZanjan 1826 TS The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Zanjan city Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

Fahraj Early Islamic period - The Congregational Mosque (Jameh) of Fahraj. It is among the oldest extant mosques in Persia.