The Golestan Palace

This palace is Tehran's response to the Palace of Versailles: originally decorated as from the tales of 1001 nights. This big complex with palaces and breath-taking parks and it's famous palace of diamonds is one of the most important historical place of Tehran and was a part of the royal palaces within the Citadel of the 16th century. This masterpiece of Iranian architecture was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .-19. Century seat of the Khadzars, while it was used by the Pahlavi dynasty for important events back at the time. Among the museums and splendid halls of the complex, the exhibits of the Ethnographic Museum, such as the famous Alabaster peacock enthroned, the perfect mosaics on the walls, the glass windows, the valuable Persian carpets and the unbelievable precious treasures of the Shahs of various heads of state as a gift. All in all, definitely worth seeing. you can visite this amazing palace by paying a 1$ entrance fee. opening hours are 9am-5pm. 

Golestan palace address is: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, ark sqr, Panzdah-e-Khordad St

The Golestan PAlace