Masoudieh complex

If you trip to Tehran and looking for a historical place to see old and beautiful complex and become familiar with Iranian culture you can go to Masoudieh Place. So where is   Masoudieh located and what is history of this place?

Masoudieh place is historical and beautiful complex in Tehran which was built in 1879 for the prince Mass’oud Mirza and historical houses from Qajar dynasty near Baharestan Square. It is very important in terms of architecture as well as historical events that have occurred in it.
Masoudieh place is the important locale because the first library and the museum were established there, moreover used as cadet at the beginning of 20th century. The first Ministry of Education established here in 1967.

During the Persian Constitutional Revolution, Masoudieh was one of the main gathering places for the constitutional revolutionaries.
Masoudieh building complex includes 5 buildings: forum, Restaurant, spring house,  Seyed Javadi Mansion, Moshir al-Molk Mansion and entrance hall.