Excursion in Tehran Chenarestansʼ street
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Excursion in Tehran Chenarestansʼ street
Located at the foot of the Alborz Mountains, Tehran once had a reputation for its many gardens ,trees ,and natural beauty. It was because of this rich natural asset that the city was even dubbed "CHENARESTAN"; or the land of CHENAR trees(CYCAMORE). 

The tallest street in the Middle East, where famous for its todaysʼ crowded traffic ,was one of the most beloved and popular publicsʼ street for well-known promenades in the Qajar dynasty. Nowadays people called this street "VALIASR"
Valiasr street was the place of residence of aristocrats and the placement of houses that were made for merchants and those who were wealthy

 Excursion in Tehran |ferdowsi hotel

Years ago ,the first carriages were made for the nobles who was living on this street, such as Anis al-Dawlah , who was the wife of Nasir al-Din Shah.
Well, itʼs time to discover this beautiful street. You can start your program at 9 oʼclock and runs from Valiasr intersection.
At the beginning of the journey, you can visit the architectural masterpiece of " Sardar Afkhami " of the city theater, and you will have a look at the history of the theatersʼ culture. You start the walk towards the Rah-Ahan square and visit Mashiri al-saltanah Mosque, Chahar-sough-chobi Bazzar , Anis al-Dawlahsʼ house, Fathersʼ house of Forough-Farrokhzad, that she was a great Iranian poet.

Excursion in Tehran

Excursion in Tehran |ferdowsi hotel

At the end of this excursion you can go to the famous 'Azari coffee shop near the Rah-Ahan square ,which has a traditional and historical atmosphere that is perfectly compatible with your todaysʼ journey.

Excursion in Tehran  | ferdowsi hotel

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