Iranian rules for tourists
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Iranian rules for tourists

Iran is a stunning country full of both natural and human beauty with a mix of endless deserts, mountains, ancient shrines and rich culture. Iran really have something for every taste, while this is all very nice, even an awesome country like Iran has a few challenges.

In this section, we refer to 20 items.

1 - Don’t engage in public display of affection

That means no kissing, hugging or putting your hand and arm around people.

love signe | ferdowsi hotel

no kiss signe | ferdowsi hotel

2 – Don’t ask alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is forbidden in Iran. Don’t bring alcohol or drugs with you into the country.

 rules for tourists|no drink

Iranian rules for  turism |ferdowsi hotel

3 – Don’t shake hands with members of the opposite sex in public

 rules for tourists

4 – Don’t wear shoes indoor

If someone invites you to their home, make sure take your shoes off before entering.

iranian rule for tourists

5 – Don’t take photos of government buildings

This one is taken very seriously. Keep your camera out of sight around government buildings, military sites or any other place where you see a " no photography " sign.

rules for tourists|ferdows hotel

6 – Don’t throw toilet paper in toilet

The toilet paper is pretty thick and will quickly get stuck in the pipes. You must throw the toilet paper in the wastebasket.

7 – Don’t give the thumbs up

It is considered offensive in Iran. Although if someone gives you the thumbs up with smile, it means they acknowledge your culture.

Iranian rules for tourists

8 – Blowing your noise in front of a group of people is considered rude and impolite.

rules for tourist|ferdowsi

9 – Don’t take photos of people without asking, first you just ask for permission

Iranian rules for tourists

10 – Don’t ride in an unmarked taxi

In theory, any car can be a taxi in Iran and itʼs normal for Iranians to hitch a ride in unofficial taxis. As a visitor, take only marked taxis

taxi |ferdowsi hotel

11 – Don’t use the expressions " the Gulf " or " the Arabian Gulf " ;it is the Persian Gulf

12 – Don’t drives in city

Don’t drives unless you have an international drivers license, but you know, driving in Iran could be a challenge to a foreigner. Traffic, the huge number of motorcycles and pedestrians call for extra caution and concentration.

13 – Taarof rules

Taroof is a rule of etiquette and a widely practiced code of courtesy among Iranians. The simplest way to explain,  Taroof is that basically it involves a person insisting on doing someone a favor and the other person repeatedly declining it. There are many stock expressions of Taarof that people visiting Iran will hear numerous times. Such as " Ghabeli nadare "( it is worthless ) or " Mehmone man bashid " ( be our guests )or " Tashrif dashtid " ( stated by a host who insists on you staying longer ) are commonly used in daily conversation.

taroof|ferdowsi hotel

tarooof|ferdowsi hotel

14 – The Hijab rule

The Hijab rules observed in many Muslims countries including Iran. Iranians women are required to cover their bodies and hairs with shawl or scarf. For going to mosques and holy shrines you will need a Chador ( a long veil covering the whole body ).

Iranian rules for tourists

Iranian rules for tourists |ferdowsi

Iranian rules for tourists

15 – Official weekend in Iran

Official weekend in Iran is Friday but Iranians have some government holidays too.

16 – Moharram month

In Moharram month ( the mourning month of Imam Hossein ) people don’t usually wear bright colors as to respect the religious values.

17 – Ramadan month

In Ramadan month, which the majority people keep fast during the day, it is disrespectful to eat and drink in public.

ramadan rule|ferdoesi hotel

18 – International cards

International cards don’t work in Iran. Forget ATMs. Thanks to the sanctions, you have to bring all the money you will need in cash and change money once in Iran. Dollars are the best but Euros work too. Don’t forget Iranians currency. Iranian official currency is Rial but prices are given in Toman not Rials. (1Toman= 10 Rials)

cash|ferdowsi hotel

cash|ferdowsi hotel

19 – Internet

The internet is censored in Iran. Many common social media networks ( Facebook, Twitter, You tube ), Google services ( except Gmail ), app stores ( for paid apps ) and western news outlets ( BBC, CNN ) are blocked, so you will need a VPN, also internet speed is slow in Iran

internet|ferdowsi hotel

20 – Iranians behavior

Iranian people are so kind and they like foreign people and they want to help them in any way possible, so don’t worry but always take care yourself, offender can be find in everywhere and every country

At the end, Iran is fabulous because it has nice weather, people are friendly and full of hospitality, accommodations are easy to find, have a lots of sightseeing and have a rich culture. One the other hand, Iran like other countries have laws that should be respect and obey it

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