One day tour in Rey,center of ancient zoroastrain
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Publisher : Ferdowsi Hotel tour guide team
One day tour in Rey,center of ancient zoroastrain
You can start your day with Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim. This place is for muslims, so women need to wear chador(special Hijab), available at the entrance. By visiting this place, you can get acquainted with pilgrimage sites of Iranians

After that you can go to the oldest Bazzar. This Bazzar is one of the historical markets in the city of Rey, located in the north of Shah-Abdul-Azim-Shrine and has long been one of the centers for selling traditional her

bs, condiment and commercial goods

Now, itʼs time to visit a spectacular tower, called Tugrul Tower. The Tugrul Tower is located in the east of the Ibn-Babaie Tomb in the city of Rey, so you can visit both places

Rey center of ancient

Donʼt worry, the distance from Shah-Abdul-Azim-Shrine to the Tugrul Tower is only 6km, it means itʼs just takes 15 minutes

At the end, opposite of the south Shah-Abdul-Azimsʼdoor you can go Arg-Rey-Restaurant.Bon appetite!


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