one day tour in Tehran
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one day tour in Tehran

.For having a wonderful day in Tehran, we want to introduce some tourist attraction which are located in Tehran
At First, in the morning you can go to Gheytariyeh park which is located in the north of Sadr Highway in Shemiran district. This park was one of the Amir Kabir‘shome a Qajar Dynasty minister.
 Gheytarieh Prak is beautiful and clean place with fresh air, beautiful pansy flowers, large marketplace, different types of trees and birds which  you can walk and enjoy  atmosphere of this park, moreover you can looking for more entertainment of this place.

one day tour in Tehran

After walking in this park and eating a delicious Iranian food in a good restaurant you can visit Sa’ad Abad complex near Gheytariye park, a cultural and historical complex. It was first built by Qajar monarchs in the 19th century. Then Reza Shah Pahlavi and his son his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi lived there for so many years. After the 1978 Revolution, this beautiful complex became a museum.
 There are more than 180 hectares of natural forest, streets, qanats, galleries, and museums in Sa’ad Abad complex. In the afternoon, after rest and drink a cup of coffee, the best place for visiting and shopping is Tajrish Bazar

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The Tajrish bazaar, is one of the oldest place in Tehran with so many shops. Some parts of this place architectural’s styles are old and traditional.
There is holy place near Tajrish bazar, its Imamzade Salehe a popular local pilgrimage area , plus houses an very good value kebab restaurants and teahouses which you can eat  delicious Iranian food and  sweet  testy dessert.
Tajrish bazar consisting of so many shops, restaurants and many passage ways. So many goods can be found in this place like Spices, dairy, clothes, fabrics, nuts .& dried fruits, traditional cookware, fruits, veggies, moreover both modern and traditional shop made beautiful appearance to Tajrish bazar

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one day tour in Tehran|ferdowsi hotel

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