Iranians superstition about one of the elements of life
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Iranians superstition about one of the elements of life

Superstitions are the attitude or behavior that comes to the minds of the person based on fear, threat, habit and unknown factors, in order to avoid the perception of unpleasant events

Iranians superstition |ferdowsi hotel

Water is one of the kind superstition that means a lot in Iran. Running water is always positive, so this is a good omen as spelling "Ab roshanayi miyare "( Water brings light )

Another belief is that Iranians should define their dreams for water!

If itʼs a good dream, itʼs good for them, they will receive happy news, amount of money and special gift

On the other hand, if itʼs a horrible dream, water is like a purifier! in this case Iranians shouldnʼt define horrible dreams to others

Iranians superstition

That’s not all ! another funny story about water is when someone sees the Crescent of the moon, it must be defined for water, this will make the whole day of the month go well.

Iranians superstition |ferdowsi hotel

Water is sacred in most religions, like Zoroastrain, Christ, Judaism , Buddaha

October 26th marks the festival of waters in the Zoroastrain calendar. Zoroastrains could as justly be termed worshippers of waters as of fire

Per Zoroastrain literature 'water is merely a liquid manifestation of light and splender '

Iranians superstition

In Islam, water is important for cleansing and purifying. Muslims must be ritually pure before approaching God in prayer because of that as far as I mentioned, Muslims always say " Ab roshanayi miyare " 

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