One day tour in Kashan, the oldest historical city in Iran
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Publisher : Ferdowsi Hotel tour guide team
One day tour in Kashan, the oldest historical city in Iran

Kashan is a magnificent tourist attraction. It has always remind me of the long-lasting traditions. Therefore, I would definitely recommend that tourists visit this amazing ancient place

The distance of Tehran to Kashan is about 244km and can be reached in 2hours and 30 minutes

First of all, visit Baghe-Fin, where is located in the suburb of Fin, 9km southwest of central Kashan, has justly earned a place on the Unesco World Heritage List. The evergreen trees inside the garden are up to 500 years old. Many Iranians head to the Hammam complex along one side of the garden, famous as the place where the nationalist Mirza Taqi Khan, more commonly known as Amir Kabir, was murdered

With extra time to spare, the Kashani-National-Museum, is worth a quick visit

tour in Kashan

After that, I would suggest you to go two ancient house in Kashan

One of them is Khan-e Boroujerdi

The home originally consisted of two sections, Andaruni (private part of a traditional home, where only immediate family are welcome )and a Biruni (outer part of a traditional home, where guests are entertained )and has a two-storey Iwan ( open reception hall opening onto the courtyard ),the Kamal al-Molksʼ paintings for this house is marvelous

Another house is Khan-e Tabatabaei

To find this house, walk south past the Khan-e Boroujerdi towards a distinctive blue conical tower

tour in Kashan

Near here, Kashansʼ historic Bazzar is one of the best in Iran. Itʼs a great place to wander for a couple of hours

Rose water, herbal distillates, crockery, Halva Ardeh (special Kashansʼ sweet), carpets, Pashmak (cotton candy), rugs, Kashansʼ muffins, Haji badomi (this pastry is very popular at ceremonies and parties in Kashan and itʼs main ingredients are almond and powdered sugar) these are Kashansʼ souvenirs you can find this bazzar

tour in Kashan|ferdowsi hotel

tour in Kashan

For changing your mood and see modern side of Kashan, Kashan-Mall is the best choice


In this big mall you can find Five-Star-Hotel, food court, shopping center, souvenir shops, coffee shop, While Key-Ashian restaurant in there is a good place to have a look at the menu! Meanwhile Key-Ashian was the old name of Kashan

This mall is located in Emam-Reza-Boulevard and near your recent visited place. But if you donʼt like luxuries hotel and

want to stay in traditional one, Manochehri-Hotel is your great choice

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