Fragrant souvenir of shiraz, land of Love And Art
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Fragrant souvenir of shiraz, land of Love And Art

The ancient city of shiraz is the city of Love & Literature and the origin of first samples of Persian gardens, is the unique examples of hospitality and warmness of itʼs people and bears many historical attractions and old cities of Persian Empire showing the glory of a nation, so the souvenirs of this beautiful city can be very attractive

Here are three typical Shiraz souvenir that you never forget the taste of them

souvenir of shiraz

Shiraz Meskhetian-

One of the most famous Persian sweets in Shiraz is Muscat. Muscat has a special place on Nowruz (Iraniansʼ new year ) table of Iranians especially in the southern parts of Iran and it can be regarded as a delicious dessert

Shiraz has a special kinds of Meskhetian that the most popular of them is Larestan

The ingredients to prepare this delicious pastry are rose water, almond, pistachio, butter and starch

Muscat is different in colors and flavors such as Burgundy, Rose, Saffron, Pistachio

souvenir of shiraz

-Shiraz Distillates

There are many gardens in Shiraz and itʼs suburbs , that make this city famous in Distillates

Distillates are one of the best souvenirs of Shiraz. Each of these Distillates has their own particularly taste and health benefits. The most popular of them are Sweat Musk Willow and Wild Rose

Distillates as very professional sweet from different plants in Shiraz because of that they use it to perfume and sweat to taste the food, sweets, drink and also herbal medicines that the last one is efficient in the pharmaceutical and medical industry

souvenir of shiraz

Shiraz Falude-

In the whole of Iran, Shiraz Falude is very famous and they believe that you can never find this special Falude in all over the world.

Shiraz Falude has excellent taste because of Shiraz Lemon, also it served and tailored for each individual taste with different Distillates, like Cranberry juice and other fruits. In Shiraz also dry Falude is supplied

 You can buy all of this tasty souvenir in Vakil-Bazzar in Shiraz. This is the main bazzar in Shiraz, located in the historical center of the city

The bazzar has beautiful courtyards, bath houses and old shops which are deemed among the best places in Shiraz to buy all kinds of Persian rugs, spics, copper handcrafts, antiques and sweets

Like other Middle Eastern bazzars, there are few mosques constructed beside or behind the bazzar, so you can visit them too

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