Best Tehran Attractions At Night
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Best Tehran Attractions At Night
In Tehran, due to the daily busyness, many residents prefer to spend the night in the city, which is even more secluded. It also has a more favorable climate. Overnight in Tehran is one of the best options for those who cannot enjoy the day.

As you know, Tehran has many attractions that can double their beauty at night. In this article we will introduce you to each of Tehran's most spectacular places at night.

Baam of Tehran

The Baam of Tehran is at the end of Velenjak Street It has its own beauty at night and the whole city of Tehran is under your feet. The Baam of Tehran with its mountainous climate will provide all the conditions for hiking. The Baam of Tehran has amenities such as restaurants, sleds, telephones and more. There is also a parking lot to reach the top of the minibus.

Baam OF Tehran

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is located on the highway of Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri And with a height of four hundred and thirty-five meters One of the important symbols of the Iranian capital. Milad Tower is very beautiful to see at night because of its many lights. Milad Tower has various architectural honors that we will introduce later.

  • Iran's tallest tower
  • The sixth telecommunication tower in the world
  • Twenty long unstructured structures (unstructured structures such as wire and mast)
  • First place in terms of area of use of tower structure with a 13000 meter infrastructure

But it's not just that the popularity of the Milad Tower has doubled. Inside the tower and the surrounding area there are many opportunities for sightseeing.

Milad Tower of Tehran

Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake is the largest artificial lake in the country, becoming more spectacular at night due to the reflection of the surrounding residential buildings. This beautiful place is within a few hours' drive of the traffic and bustle of the city. The lake has recreational amenities like sky jumping track, safari, carousel, thrilling pyramid cinema, electric car, cycling route and boating in the lake.

Chitgar Lak

Jamshidieh Park

Another spectacular place in Tehran at night is Jamshidieh Park, or rock park. Jamshidieh Park is located in the north of Tehran and enjoys a very good climate. In this beautiful park there are lakes and rocky fountains that give an attractive view of the park. 

You will never be tired of hiking the stone paths and beautiful scenery of Jamshidieh Park. Imagine this route also being covered in snow in winter, its beauty has certainly multiplie.

Jamshidieh Park

One of the most interesting and fascinating items in the Jamshidieh Park is the sculptures that look like animals. Note that to reach these statues you have to go through 600 stair.

Jamshidieh Park at Snowy Night

To get to Jamshidieh Park in Tehran, you must first go to Tajrish Square and then take a taxi to Jamshidieh Park. These taxis take you from Quds Square to Jamshidieh Park.

Jamshidieh Park Of Tehran

Tabi’at Bridge

The bridge connects two parks of Taleghani and Water and Fire and is located on Modarres Highway. This bridge has been one of the tourist attractions of Tehran province since year 1393. You can enjoy walking on this bridge without disturbing cars.

There are many restaurants and cafes along the way, and the most popular is the Food Courts.

Tabi'at Bridge

Tabi'at bridge of Tehran

Darband of Tehran

Darband is 1700 meters above sea level, where you can stay away from polluted air for several hours. Darband has many restaurants and you can go to these restaurants for a good night's sleep.

Darband og Tehran

Darband is the best tourist attraction in Tehran

30 Tir Street

30 Tir Street is one of the old districts of Tehran and has old buildings. Abgineh Museum, Museum of Ancient Iran, Firoz Bahram School and Zoroastrian Fire Museum ... are among the tourist attractions of this street. The main features of this place are its street food along with listening to street music.

30 Tir Street

Tehran Abo Atash Park

Abo Atash Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in the capital located in the Abbasabad land complex in the heart of the city. The park was originally the only garden in the complex. But other parks and gardens in the area began to emerge, and eventually the Abo Atash park became Tehran's most diverse and attractive park.

Abo Atash Park

The park is located on Africa Street And at night it becomes more spectacular because of the soothing silence dominating it. The park has four towers, a silk bridge, a pigeon nest, a lighthouse that differentiates it from other parks.

Imamzadeh Saleh and Tajrish Bazaar

Imamzadeh Saleh located in Tajrish and north of Tehran is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran. Imamzadeh Saleh has a very beautiful view of the Alborz Mountains and in fact these mountains are in the background of Imamzadeh. This place is usually very crowded at night.

After the pilgrimage to Imamzadeh Saleh, we suggest tourists to visit the Tajrish Bazaar, which is in the vicinity of Imamzadeh Saleh. Tajrish Bazaar is one of Tehran's favorite places.

Immamzadeh Saleh OF Tejrish Tehran

One convenient way to get to these two locations is to use the metro, which should take you to the last metro station called Tajrish and move to Tajrish Square. Imamzadeh Saleh and Tajrish bazaar are located on the southeast side of the square.

Tajrish Baazar of Tehran

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