Tabriz, the remained city from Qajar and Safavid priod
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Tabriz, the remained city from Qajar and Safavid priod

 Tabriz is another fast growing Iranian city with ancient history and spectacular sights to visit. It has some unique sights that attracts Iranian as well as non-Iranian travelers to explore the wealth of itʼs history and culture.

At first you should better visit Tabriz Bazaar. One of the most beautiful bazaars in the country, this UNESCO world heritage site was an important trading point along the Silk Road and flourished under the Safavid in the 16th century. The one-square-kilometer trade center consists of 5500 stores selling the products of over 40types of professions, 60 timches ( sub-bazaars ) and Saras  ( small caravansaries ), 30 mosques, 20 alleys and sub-bazaars, 5 baths, 12 schools and 5 museums. So you can spend your time here and enjoying a lot.
tabriz bazaar
tabriz bazaar

Another place that the most of people love it is Tabriz carpet Museum. Why? Because of precious Tabriz carpet. Tabriz is a one of the oldest rug weaving centers and makes a huge diversity of types of carpets. So in this museum you will become more familiar with Tabriz carpets. The quintessential Iranian souvenir, you canʼt leave Tabriz without visiting one of the many silk Persian rugs stores. 
tabriz carpet museum
tabriz carpet
tabriz carpet
If you want to know more about Tabriz, Tabriz Citadel ( Arq-e Tabriz ) is the best option. Arq-e Tabriz is also known as Arq-e Alishah is the remnants of a big fortification and city wall in downtown Tabriz.
Tabriz Citadel
Now you need recreation place to have a joy.  The Tabriz Telecabin is one of the best in Iran and takes you on a stunning visit up and over the top of Eynali mount for unparalleled views of Tabriz city. Here you can find some coffee shops and enjoy your tea or coffee with a view of the snow-capped mountains.
Tabriz Telecabin

The last place that would be interesting for you is El-Goli or Shah-Goli. El-Goli is the name of a large historic park containing an artificial lake with a Qajar-era pavilion.

At the end, some special Tabriz souvenirs are Qorabieh, Baqlava, Nogha, Nuts and Tabriz handcrafts can be mentioned as Carpets, embroidered leather.
tabriz leather
Qorabieh is the most famous pastry of Tabriz that is cooked in a special way with different kinds of nuts.
tabriz sweet

Nogha is kind of pistachio sweet that is so popular in Tabriz.
tabriz gaz
Baqlava is made in different forms in various parts of Iran. Tabriz Baqlava is a sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.

tabriz baghlava
The explored of Tabriz nuts started from Qajar era and nuts are one of the constant edible products in Azeri house.

tabriz nuts

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