One day tour around Ferdowsi Hotel in Tehran
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One day tour around Ferdowsi Hotel in Tehran

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel, with a 2200 square meter space, gives you the pleasure of a stay in a mixture of modern and traditional Persian architecture. Due to the food location of this hotel, you can visit many places of interest and history around you. itʼs a great value for you to visit these places without problems, even you can go some of them on your feet.
hotel ferdowsi in tehran
Hotel Ferdowsi is located in the center of Tehran and itʼs connected to many historical sites of this city. Many Museums, Mansion, Palaces, Parks and Gardens, Mosques are gathered at this point, so if you stay in this luxury Four-Star Hotel, you can visit all of these places. Here we explain some important and traditional of them.
First you should know about Persian carpet, this precious treasure, so my suggestion is Carpet Museum of Iran. This museum exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 16th  century  to the present.
 tehran carpet museum

iranian carpet

 In the northern part of the museum is  Laleh Park, one of the oldest and large recreation area in Tehran. Around the park are some popular coffee shops, fast food outlets and shopping centers in nearby Valiasr square.
laleh park in tehran
After break in the park and drinking coffee, go back to another museum. At the south side of the park is Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. It has collections of more than 3000 items that include 19th and 20th centurysʼ word-class European and American paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures.
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Another museum that I am definitely suggested is Moghadam Museum.
Moghadam Museum is in fact the parental house of Master Mohsen Moghadam. It is one of the glorious houses of Qajar dynasty. This house is priceless as it has a historical value and so it was one of the most expensive historical houses of the world in 1960s.
garden in tehran
Another museum that can help you to understand about ancient Iran is The National Museum of Iran. It is an institution formed of two complexes: the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic Era. The institution hosts historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities, including pottery, vessels, metal objects, textile remains and some rare books and coins.
tehran national museum
For a complete visit to Iranian ornaments, itʼs better to visit Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran. The glass and clay works that are on display at the museum is among the rare collections in Iran.

abgineh museum of tehran
As long as you are in historical mood, the National Jewelry Treasury in Bank Meli Museum is fabulous. Here is the most dazzling collection of gemstones and jewelry known in the world.
national jewelry museum of iran
national jewelry museum of iran
Another one is Malek National Library and Museum for those people who in love with books and manuscripts. This museum collection is a rich trove of the best manuscripts and Iranian historical artworks.
Post and Communications Museum in tehran
The last museum that is near our Hotel in Tehran is The Post and Communications Museum. Visiting this museum takes you back through the history and gets you acquainted with ways of exchanging information and thoughts.
Post and Communications Museum in tehran
Golestan Palace
Now itʼs time to say goodbye to museums and go to Golestan Palace.
This great palace is a fine example of Persian art, history and architecture. It is the valuable gem setting in the heart of Tehran carrying memories from Safavid era to Pahlavi kings.

Near Golestan Palace you can find many good restaurants. Moslem restaurant and shamsol-emareh are a good choice.
After enjoying your dish, don’t waste your time. After less than 10 minutes, you arrive Masoudieh Mansion.
The mansion consists of some other mansions with delicate plaster works, tile works, calligraphy and murals on the walls.
 Masoudieh Mansion
After visiting this beautiful place, it takes 5 minutes to get to the Negarestan Garden. Stunning Garden, great environment, nice and smooth weather, you canʼt believe that there is a peaceful place in such area of Tehran. This amazing garden can host you for many hours. Beautiful ponds, alongside a great café and museums make this place a no-brainer for those looking for some peace.
tehran Negarestan Garden
Now itʼs time to get acquainted with some of Iranian art, so my suggestion is Tehran City Theater.
It was built with the initiative of Farah Pahlavi under the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. It is one of the cultural points of Tehran. The best performance will be held there.
tehran theater building
At the end, if you are interested in religious place, I am recommended to visit Sepahsalar Mosque. It is the largest famous historic mosque in Tehran. During the late Qajar as well as Pahlavi era, Sepahsalar mosque was distinctive landmark of Tehran with itʼs eight minarets which was unique in Persian design of mosques.
Sepahsalar Mosque
Sepahsalar Mosque
Finally, this one tour near Ferdowsi Hotel gives you lots of information about Persian culture and tradition, in spite of all that, Ferdowsi Hotel provides you with valuable services that will remind you of your memorable trip to Tehran.

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