An ancient mud-walled citadel in Iran
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An ancient mud-walled citadel in Iran

Bam city, an ancient mud-walled citadel in Kerman province: a major tourist attraction in Iran. Unfortunately the tragic earthquake which broke out in 2003 destroyed many parts of this mud structure. Now, itʼs being rebuilt and restored. Visiting Bam is not just about looking at a mud brick city, it is also about observing history, culture and ancient lifestyle of a city. itʼs definitely worth visiting the ancient city of Bam, a world heritage site registered in UNESCOSʼ LIST, has emerged at least at the time of Achaemenians

The creation of the ancient city of Bam was indebted mainly to the ancient underground water supplement system of Iran called Kariz ( Qanat in Arabic ). This system has been continuing the provision of water for this city till now.

Bam city has been located between the southern part of Kavir-e-Lut, southern desert pit of Iran and the northern part of Barez local mountain range, south east of Iran. The importance of Bam has been due to itʼs geographical location in a broader scale, in connection of the centers of commerce in western Asia during antiquity.

The area of this citadel is about 180000 square meters that are composed with walls as high as 6 to 7 meters and a length of 1815 meters surrounded. This citadel is composed of two separate sections, and each of them has itʼs own characteristics. There have been scattered 67 towers in the ancient city of Bam.

There are 3 different types of house that there are significant: smaller house with 2-3 rooms for poor families-- larger homes with 3-4 rooms for the middle-class society families, which some of the them has Ivan as well-- luxurious houses with more rooms that are located in different parts for different seasons, which a big yard and a nearby barn for animals.

This ancient city has some parts such as: 528 residential houses, main Bazaar, Meydan ( Tekieh ), Friday mosque, Mirza Naeem school, Zurkhaneh ( traditional sport club ), Malek-o-Tojar house ( a merchant house ), Caravansary, public Bathhouse ( Hammam ), Jewsʼ sabat ( rest area ) and a noblesʼ house.

The most interesting features of the current Bam citadel you canʼt miss are:
Bazaar: itʼs 115 meters long accommodating 42 shops in it. It used to offer silk and cotton.

Tekieh: the central square of Bam citadel surrounded by photogenic cambers, in the past it was used for religious and publicʼ ceremonies.

Friday mosque: it was built on the site of a former temple, a zoroastrian fire temple with four iwan ( is a rectangular hall or space, usually vaulted, walled on the three sides, with one end and entirely open ).
Zurkhaneh: the tradition of building such clubs dates back to ancient times in Iran when this sport was exercised.

And another structure are Jome mosque of Bam, the Bam Barracks, the Governorsʼ house and so on.

At the end, I am sure you have different experience after visiting this unimaginable place and you can stay in hotels in Iran. At this place, you will have experience as if you were in the same year of history and walk in the citadel.

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