The Oscar of the best Iraniansʼ superstition
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The Oscar of the best Iraniansʼ superstition

The Oscar of the best Iraniansʼ  superstition goes to… the Evil Eye! This is one of the kind superstition that you will find in many different cultures but Iranians take this concept much further than the simple " knock on wood" to keep the evil eye away. In fact when someone overly compliments us, or proves particularly envious then people say that this person is likely to bring "Evil Eye" on us

In this case people will prepare what is called the " Espand"(pronounced esfand) it is a mixture of seeds that we burn in a sort of censor to make smoke out of it then turn the smoke around the head of people due to protect them from the evil yes while reciting some kind of "Incantation" 
This incantation basically says "that this Espand put out the eyes of the jealous and envious"
This is a tradition that has been passed down through generations from the days of Zoroastrainism.
But for instance in turkey they have evil eye trees to protect their house, it is an ancient custom

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Primary symptoms of evil eye are feelings of physical or emotional tiredness, unexplained bad luck or Un-Favorable incidences and illness

 The whole concept the evil eye is something that many cultures believe it. It is fascinating to see how other cultures come to terms with the evil eye or superstition, some people knock on wood, some people knock on their head, others throw salt back over their head and some wear Anti-Evil-Eye accessories

A blue eye can also be found on some forms of the Hamsa hand jewelry. The word Hamsa, also spelled Khamsa  and Hamesh, means five referring 

 Iranians superstition

to the fingers of the hand in jewish culture, the Hamsa is called the hand of Miriam. In Muslim culture, the hand of Fatima

 Iranians people to avoid of this bad energy use some jewellery like necklace, bracelet, ring that make with Evil-Eye-Stone and Quranic verse

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If you want to see or buy this accessories, you can go to Tajrish-Bazzar. By attending this bazzar you can touch the nostalgic Tehransʼ atmosphere and enjoy talking with locals

 Iranians superstition | ferdowsi hotel

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